Monday, 29 June 2015

First 5min attempt at using Marmoset toolbag 2

This is literally a test render, I am going to spend the week creating models especially for marmoset but I just threw an old model in and wanted to see what this software was about, needless to say I am impressed !

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Monday, 22 June 2015

App design !

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Friday, 8 May 2015

Who is Eris ?

I really wanted to talk about Eris, I think she is a character that has gone through so many iterations, even though the broad design was okay, she had to be tweaked so much which actually really tested me in a way that I haven't been before. Spending nights staring at the design thinking, ' what can i do differently ?'

Before delving into design lets talk about who is she and where the inspiration came from. As per the idea was born during my down time playing games, during my re-living of the gears of war franchise A character that really stuck out to me was the locust queen, Myrrah. And it was mainly due to very good writing in gears of war 1 that made me see just how big of an influence she is, you spend the game fighting General RAAM, the big ugly bad-ass. He is the the seemingly huge threat, but after you defeat him, you just hear a monologue from a cold, commanding female, and you know straight away RAAM was nothing but a puppet, and you cant help but feel the puppeteer is someone to fear, so without who actively doing anything you straight away have a realisation of who is in control.

In addition to playing the games I was reading the books again, during which you find out Myrrah is completely human, a descendant of scientists who dabbled in the effects of immulsion. From this you can not help but respect the fact that she is a frail women, yet commands the undisputed obedience of the locust horde, purely through strategy and leadership. I wanted Eris to embody the strengths of Myraah, commanding an army of mech like cyborgs, simler to the aliens from crysis 2, a frail fleshy base with bio-metric armor shell.

Now some of the fine points of Eris's psyche, she is cold, cruel and likes to make a point that prevokes fear in the audience. Nurse Ratched was about as cruel as they come. She doesn't care if what she does is in humane, if it makes all over subjects stay in line she is not afraid to make an example of one. I anted Eris to draw similar comparisons, public humiliation those who stand against her cause, and anyone who even voices an opinion against her efforts will be made short work off.

Lastly is black widow, now Eris in skilled in combat, both CQC and marksmen , that is a given considering her military status, How ever the movie version of black widow doesn't get across the personality traits I like about her, in the comic books she is quite literally the least trust worthy person in the universe, everything she does is a calculated chess move to help her gain leverage somewhere else, nothing is done for sake of doing. These traits instantly add a level of depth to Eris, a seemingly pointless action will have a reaction down the line, it is about figuring out what that is is !
So delving into my first design for Eris, technically I stuck with my normal drawing process, drawing the pivots then filling in with cylinders to give her the general frame, throughout this blog I am only showing the construction phase once, it doesn't look great and I think showing it once lets everyone know how my process goes about. I thought about how I wanted Eris to have the ability to be acrobatic in CQC, so I wanted to give her relatively muscular legs, nothing too big, just enough to let the viewer know there is power in them.
Attire, let the statement show, I royally screwed this outfit up, I concede that. But hey ho may as well go through my crazy thought process at the time. 

So in my head I wanted to show a cross over of two worlds, the old world before the cybernetic age took over, personal memorabilia and items of clothing Eris holds onto from the 'good old days'. And in contrast metal / scifi features that show the new age side of her new life. 
I am fully aware how far astray I went from this vision, I can't explain why I think I just got tunnel vision during the piece and cant explain why . the only thing I carry through to future designs is the English rose complexion, the red hair with pale skin, It gave me a cold vibe which I liked, and the other two females I have designed are blondes so I thought a red head would contrast nicley ! 

I mark this as a vast improvement ! I kept the interesting leg bindings, I thought they was nice feature, however added some leaver bottoms to go underneath, give a little more coverage, I loved the leather jacket and again I carried this forward into future designs, but there was an over riding feeling of she doesn't look like she suits her job, she looked as if she belonged to the rebels not the military so again...back to the drawing bored  !

I went slightly left field with this, A complete change was tried and failed, I wanted to try a more wild style Eris but again, just doesn't fit the era or status she holds in the world, I do like this design just not for Eris. 
This is by far my favourite design, not only do I love the attire and the jacket, I think the bottoms ground her to the world she lives in, But I also love the pose, for some reason the whole piece feels alive to me, I think it is just a happy accident and is what I end up settling on as the Eris design !

I also did this version, the only thing from the previous drawing is that Eris looks slightly too 'warm'. so I tried to add a level of menace & cyberpunk with the change of leg design. But I stuck with the previous design and allow the animation & actions speak for them selves.

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